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Leisure activities

Pool/Sauna/Gym: free use for hotel guest. The following prices are valid for guests not spending the night at our hotel. (Day and 10th ticket has none validity from Friday, 02.00 a.m., till Sunday, 03:00 p.m. , on holidays and bridge days.)

Brine Grotto
8.00 EUR     per person

Salt brine has long been used to treat the most diverse complaints, as well as to regenerate the skin. We use a 6% brine in our grotto (35°C), which allows you to float almost weightlessly in the water. As you do, you will be inhaling the beneficial salts mined from a small salt work whilst gazing at a starry sky. A brine bath combined with light and music is a uniquely relaxing experience for body, mind and soul.

Organic sauna
0.00 EUR     per person

Allow yourself to be taken in by the scent of natural high mountain woods, and enjoy the rustic ambience. The temperature is set to warm the body gradually, and to slowly yet lastingly invigorate the circulatory system. Light therapy pleasantly stimulates various organs with a changing play of color.

Log cabin sauna 0.00 EUR per person

Steam bath
0.00 EUR     per person

Mountain crystal, owing to its gentle yet powerful vibration, is able to effect a multitude of physical organs. Its healing properties, however, are particularly effective in protecting, cleansing and regenerating arteries, veins and coronary vessels. In addition, it helps to stabilize blood pressure, circulation, and the entire nervous system. The mountain crystal bath is also a highly valued skin care treatment.
Approximately 45°C ambient temperature and 100 % humidity.

Ice fountain
0.00 EUR per person

After a sauna session or a visit to our wellness world, you may cool off with some crushed ice at our ice fountain.

Outdoor Pool
0.00 EUR     per person

Both of our pool areas are arranged in an oval and connected to each other by a sluice. The pools are uniformly 1.40m deep and heated to a temperature of 28°C.
Lounging spaces are available around the outside pool on warm summer days. An inviting place to work on your tan.

0.00 EUR per person

The tepidarium is both gentle and stimulating, and can be used for as long as you like. It simulates ambient body temperatures, inducing a healthy fever-like state that is highly beneficial to the immune system without taxing the cardiovascular system. The tepidarium is valuable as a prophylactic, as well as a healing measure and affords a wonderfully relaxing and regenerating environment for people of all ages.

Quiet zone
0.00 EUR per person

Relax in the lovely and unique atmosphere of our Dream Room, with its beautiful murals. The heated waterbeds are additionally equipped with headphone options that allow you to listen to a selection of relaxing melodies.